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“We really like The Nice Monster Under the Bed! I read the book to kids this afternoon, and they got lost in the book. They were very interested in the book and tried to ask me many questions.”

— Qian Chen,
Mandarin First Grade Teacher

The Nice Monster Under My Bed by Jaxon Glover is an awesome book. I read it to my five-year-old who loved it and asked me to read it again when we were done. It is a great story for kids who are sometimes scared of the dark and is a book that your kids will never get tired of reading.”

— Jenn G.

“I really enjoyed the book, The Nice Monster Under My Bed! As an elementary educator, I believe my students can relate to the content on the text. I personally like how the characters made, what they thought was something bad and scary, into a friend. I really think adults should also read the book and perhaps the world could be a bit more cohesive if we thought like Jaxon! I hope there is a sequel so we can meet the ‘monsters’ parents. Oh, I love the name E.T. wheezy!”

— Blaire K.

The Nice Monster Under My Bed is a great book! I enjoyed reading it, and could relate to how Jaxon felt. It was fun reading this to my kids as they got ready for bed. Love it!”

– Chuck H.

“This book is awesome! Colorful illustrations and a story line that everyone can relate to. I have an in-home daycare, and the children were so excited when this book arrived that I had to read it as soon as I opened the package. Each child could relate to the story and had a story to tell themselves. If you have a little one or know someone that does, this book is a must read. I really enjoyed reading it.”

– Eileen R.

“My little one absolutely loves this book!! Every night I get a request to read ‘The Monster Book’ as he calls it. Although he is only two, the story and the bright, kid-friendly illustrations gets him so excited that I can barely finish reading the page before he is turning it to see what happens next!”

– Paula A.